20 November 2009

The secret

Sarah went to a birthday party tonight, and upon arriving home, she engaged in that time honored pursuit of examining the loot in her goody bag.

As she repeatedly opened and collapsed an intriguing-looking metal sphere bedecked with jewels that was supposedly some sort of puzzle, she remarked, "This isn't magic, it's crap."

I believe she just discovered the secret of advertising.


  1. It may be a very traditional Tibetan toy. Is it collapsible, palm size? Made of wire with a few beads at the junctions? We love those...Tibetans sell them at the flea mkts ... It's a mandala-in-motion that turns into 8 different shapes (or is it 7?) mirroring the states of Buddha. It can also be used to tell a story (the sun rose & you make it a flat sun; the girl woke up & you poke up one petal, etc.)