24 November 2009

Lost in the supermarket: How I wish I could potty train this child

One piece of advice I would give to parents-in-waiting would be, if you have a newspaper subscription, don't waste your money on a diaper pail. Instead, dispose of dirty diapers in plastic newspaper bags. Start stockpiling them now, and you'll have plenty when your baby is born.

I have an impressive collection of these, but I recently realized how habitual my hoarding is. When I unpacked my groceries yesterday, I was excited to find a few items packed in small plastic bags, and immediately thought, Martha Stewart style, these will make perfect shit bags.  

1 comment:

  1. Ha, we use them for scooping litter, along with supermarket plastic bags, it's a fine balance between using reusable bags at the store and keeping our litter-receptacle stockpile at an acceptable level ;).