06 November 2009


Sacha has a few disgusting personal hygiene habits, and we have been trying diligently to teach him some manners. Like most things where Sacha is concerned, it is an uphill battle.

Lately, I've seen some encouraging signs that our attempts at socializing him are having some effect. I was out for lunch with brother recently, when Sacha began rooting around in his nose. I handed him a tissue. He did not use the tissue to clean his nose, as I would have preferred. Instead, when he was good and done, he wiped his finger on the tissue. I was pleased; better this, than on his shirt, or even worse, the table, I thought. A few days later during lunch I handed him a napkin and told him to wipe his face. He complied, wiping his face...on his sleeve. He then proceeded to use the napkin to clean his sleeve.

In the universe which I now inhabit, these small improvements constitute a huge leap forward.

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