22 November 2009

Lost in the supermarket: I was judged

I was in the produce aisle of the supermarket with Gabriel and Sacha, when Gabriel walked a few feet away from me and bumped into another shopper's cart, hitting himself in the eye.

He started to cry, and ran over to me. I was examining the garlic at the moment of impact, so as I comforted Gabriel, I asked him what had happened.

The man whose cart he banged into, answered, loudly, and with great disapproval, “He ran into my cart.” It had clearly been an accident, but Angry Man took great offense. Angry Man continued to scowl at us as Gabriel pulled himself together, shaking his head, as if to say, “Dude, man up!”

And so I scowled back at him, with my best, “Dude, man down,” look.

I hope he got the message. 


  1. One of the joys of being childless- you become a child expert!!!

  2. There are some famous manly characters who are also easy criers. There was one such rendering of Bill Clinton, in that film where Emma Thompson plays Hillary. He cries & cries while... praying for his mother!