02 March 2012

The tao of Sacha

Me, reading this: He tells me that God is a word.
Sacha: God isn’t a word. God is a Hebrew person.
Me: Well, we can’t really know what God is. Lots of people believe he’s not a person, and he doesn’t belong to anyone.
Sacha: God is a man!
Me: What makes you think so?
Sacha: Well, if you look at him, you can tell that he’s a man. Also, sometimes he goes invisible.  
Me: How can you look at him if he’s invisible?
Sacha: I know because it says so in the pledge - god, invisible, and justice for all.
Me: Indivisible, not invisible. Do you know what that means?
Sacha: Just read.


Me: Go sit on the steps.
Sacha: No.
Me: Now.
Sacha: I don't want to!
[Sacha sits.]
Sacha: I don't want to sit on the steps! It's not fair!
[Me, going about my business.]
Sacha: You're not listening to me! I'm telling the truth!
Me: I’m sure you are. You’re still not getting up until you settle down.


Me: TV time’s over. 
[I turn off television.]
Sacha: Hey! Don't do that.
Me: I just did.
Sacha: Never do that!
[I leave the room.]
Sacha: New rule. Never turn off the tv. Without asking. A kid for permission first. I just made that up.


Me: Sacha, pick up the cards.
[Sacha continues to play.]
Me: Sacha, pick up the cards!
[Sacha continues to play.] 
Me: Sacha!Sacha: I’m not your servant. Sheesh.
Me, silently snickering: Go to your room.
Sacha, on way up stairs: Ah, finally, I get to rest!
[I pick up the cards myself, while Sacha plays happily in his room.]

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