02 May 2011

Jack is a dull boy

Saturday afternoon Sarah got together with her two closest friends, whom she has known since birth. While I am not generally nostalgic, the sight of these three — now on the cusp of adolescence — whose diapers I changed, and whose mothers are two of my closest friends, has the power to turn me into a bawling idiot. I control myself, but inside, I am carrying on like a drunk, to the strains of Sunrise, Sunset: “OH MY GOD, YOU ARE ALL SO BEAUTIFUL, I LOVE YOU ALL SO, AND WHEN DID YOU GET SO GROWN UP, AND I CAN’T WAIT TO DANCE AT YOUR WEDDING.”

They wanted to walk to Applegate Farms, and I asked if I could join them. I didn’t want ice cream, as much as the privilege of trailing behind them and admiring their beauty. Two weeks ago they got together to celebrate on of their birthdays with manicures and a sleepover. As we walked home, I complemented their manicures, which I noted, have held up remarkably well. There was much agreement about how their technicians had done exceedingly good work. And while I’m sure the technicians were highly competent, I did refrain from pointing out that the fact that none of them are regularly washing dishes and scrubbing toilets may also have something to do with it.  

It is a truth universally acknowledged that in every well run household, you will find a woman in charge. Although he is loathe to admit it, in our house, I am the CEO, David the CFO.* This model works very well, as am controlling by nature.** I love bossing people around, am very good at it, and will never tire of it.

Sacha was recently invited to a birthday party by one of his classmates from the DLC at Eagle Rock bowling lanes. That place is insane on a calm day, but it seemed like an exceedingly bad choice for a bunch of hyperactive five year-old boys, and the last place I wanted to be on a Sunday afternoon. And so David didn't so much draw the short straw as get it handed to him. Rank has it’s privileges.

* Gabriel recently said to me: “When I am married, I will let the girl decide, and we will be happy.” He is a wise child, and will make an excellent husband.

**Coincidence would have it that I gave birth to a daughter who is just as, if not more controlling than me, which should make for an interesting next few years. We get the child we deserve, and my comeuppance is right around the corner.

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