15 April 2011

Meta meta

One of the kids came into our bed in the middle of the night, and it took me a while to fall back asleep. When I finally did, my sleep was fitful, and full of strange dreams. In the most vivid one, I dreamt that the entire family overslept. It must have been the last dream I had before waking, because I woke in a panic, wildly confused as to why David was not in the bed, and how it could be so dark out when just moments ago it was light. Thanks, unconscious for fucking with me!

Before she left for school, Sarah sat with the laptop reading and laughing. It turned out she was reading me, recounting the time I caught Sacha hitting himself and trying to frame Gabriel for it. Her laughter was gratifying, even more so when she commented, “Sacha is more full of it that I will ever be.” This is an astute, and fairly accurate assessment. Three cheers for burgeoning self-awareness!

We were all sitting on the couch watching tv and the kids began fighting over who was taking up too much space and crowding the others out. Some mild tussling ensued, and Sarah elbowed Sacha, who responded, “Hey, I’m supposed to be hitting you!”

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