14 February 2011

In which my children reveal large gaps in their knowledge of popular music

A transcript of my children watching the Grammy’s

Sarah: Can we watch the Grammy’s?
Sarah: They're what old people watch!
Gabriel: Sarah, you missed a Cover Girl commercial!
Sarah: Wait, we're watching the Grammy's LIVE?!
Sarah: She has too much melanin.
Sacha: What's Justin Bieber doing there?
Gabriel: I love this commercial; I would love to be in that land.
Sacha: Is this the Granny awards?
Gabriel: Why do they hug and kiss? Is this like a relationship with everybody?

During Lady Gaga's performance:
Sarah: The people dress so cool.
Gabriel: Joe respects her.
Gabriel: I don't know why Lady Gaga takes off her clothes.
Sacha: Is that when I was born?
Gabriel: This is the second time she took off her clothes!

Sarah: Is Elton John still alive?
Sacha: How old is he, 96?
Gabriel: Who's Elton John, is he like a music performer?
Sacha: No, he’s a Beatle.

Gabriel: Is Elvis Presley still alive?
Me: No.
Gabriel: I'm thinking of the other Elvis.
Sarah: What? When did Elvis die?

Sacha: The Muppets are reforming. On the Grammy’s. I'm so sad that they're dead.
Sarah: They're not dead.
Sacha: Oh yay; they're still alive!
Sacha: I don't get why the Muppets are reforming on the Grammy’s.

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