10 September 2010

What passes for rational conversation around here these days

Late Friday evening, on a late summer evening. David is out of town. 

Sacha: Mama, will you come upstairs and help me get ready for bed?

Me: No, Sacha. I am going to finish my salad. Sarah and Gabriel are upstairs, and they can help you. 

Sacha: No! Mama! You're being greedy!

Me: No, Sacha, I am not being greedy.

Sacha: Yes you are. Greedy: G-A-T-R-W-X-Y-Z. You're being greedy!

Me: Sacha, greedy does not mean what you think it means. Greedy means —

Sacha: Mama! Just come upstairs right now or you never come up here again! Or, you come upstairs and you can...take a bath. But you should never, ever be greedy; it's very dangerous!

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